First Thoughts On A New Endeavor

So here we are, you’ve landed here.  Here could be a dangerous place, because it’s where you suffer through my diatribe.  Or you can scroll on by or avoid the blog all together, no worries and I won’t know.  This whole thing is a first for me, a domain I own, a logo I had to come up with (it’s pretty lame and utilitarian, it’s a place holder) and a website I have to provide content for as well as maintain.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m retired, because I don’t see the Navy allowing me to devote that much time to this, they were kind of selfish about you doing your job; really one way of them to expect that…  This endeavor has been a dream of mine for years, after several false starts (going back to the Yahoo Geocities days) I finally decided to pull the pin and make it happen.

Ultimately this is not going to be the place where I get to stoke my ego and stand on the soap box to preach my world vision.  This will be the place where I’ll tell you about the  projects, both those in the works and in the future and pass along useful information about new kits, etc.  I know, enough – let’s move on to something more interesting.

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