I am a military history geek, my area of greatest interest covers World War I through the current unpleasantness (Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria) and includes the Cold War.  I’m also a certified (or is it certifiable?) treadhead, which also makes me an armor modeling geek. Since retiring from the Navy I’ve searched for a way to combine my geekiness in a way to share with others and at the same time teach someone something they may not have known.

Building scale models has been an on-again-off-again thing since I was about 9 years old. I built ships, planes, and cars (not too well to be honest).  Then one day I discovered the ancient Monogram halftrack in 1/35 scale, square peg meet square hole.  It came with one of those really cool how-to diorama inserts by the great Shepard Paine, I built the halftrack and was hooked on armor.  Ships, planes and cars?  Uh-uh, not any more thanks.  My military career may have really cut into my building, but man did it give ever me reference material – first hand knowledge and personal photos, I mean who can argue with a picture.  I also got to actually see the places you read about in the history books and serve with some of the units who helped write some of that history; and in regard to some of the more recent events actually been a part of them.  Talk about meaningful (well, for me anyway).  Maybe that is why I want to share it with people.  Of course it might also be my ego thinking people might be interested in what I have to say, I can’t say for sure.