About Us

Scale models and military history are my two greatest interests –  you could say I’m a certified (certifiable?) treadhead and military history geek.  Want to guess what 8404 Diorama Studios is about?  Here’s a hint – it’s not about sailing ships and airplanes.  Nothing wrong with them – I just never got the hang of all that rigging and I’m not a huge fan of airplanes.  Obviously we’re about dioramas.  Dioramas of men and things that live, sleep, fight, and unfortunately sometimes die in the dirt.  It’s how I made my living first in the Army and later as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines.  In fact it’s where we got our name; the 8404 part of the name is significant because they identify that I was a Corpsman qualified to serve with the Marine Corps.  Today it’s just a part of my history, but it influences who I am and my creations since it’s part of me, it’s part of this as well.

A quick word on what we are not about – while 8404 Studios is about military history, we do not seek to glorify war in any way; having experienced it, there is nothing glorious about it.  If you see a World War II German vehicle it also does not mean we in any way support the Nazi ideology, their existance and crimes were a fact of history; I typically model German troops in defeat or as prisoners.  Hey, they did lose the war, it was in all the papers and history books although the model companies seem to have forgotten that bit of information.  Enough prattle.  Let’s build something!



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